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About is a nonprofit website. Since 2013 it has been solving various aims to reach a higher level of gluten intolerant people's quality of life. We study and publish information about the possibilities of gluten-free nutrition in various parts of our country. There are big differences in gluten intolerant people's quality of life depending on the city or the region they live in. All our information will help you make your gluten-free nutrition as safe as possible if you are traveling in Russia. Our activity lies in the following directions:

  • working with producers regarding the information available about gluten-free products
  • protection of social interests of patients with celiac disease
  • provision of the important information on gluten-free products in stores
  • improving labeling, increasing the variety of gluten-free products in stores
  • provision and dissemination of educational materials on celiac disease and gluten intolerance to everyone  interested in it
  • organizing and conducting training seminars regarding gluten-free diet
  • familiarization with the results of current research on celiac disease and gluten intolerance
  • study of the experience of various regional communities
  • provision of a "platform" for the exchange of  the experience for all stakeholders

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